The internet may be full of spammers and scammers that may claim to give you NFT in exchange of your soul. Here are some resources I found where you can find some freebies on NFT space — have patience and go by basics.

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Using Fiverr For Making Real Cheap NFT

DIY — Do It Yourself NFT Creation

This is the Hard Way But Very affordable way to start in NFT Space in trade of time, this video demonstrate how you can do it.

I am noticing that FAANG employer style of interview has become a defacto standard. This is mainly dominated by LeetCode Style of programming.

Most fresh grads are preparing on LeetCode and do pretty well in interview after a months preparation.

I have noticed more experienced developer struggling at this coding style since it does not go well with the practical programming best practices.

I recently had a reddit conversation that made me write this blog post about LeetCode coding practices and its downside.

What are your thoughts on it?

I learned from various forums on internet.

There is no easy answer to this question yet I have found that while you are looking for your ideal stock portfolio, or other investment choices the best option can be total world stock market ETF by vanguard — ticker VT.

I prefer to park my money in VT for the time when I am not sure of where to invest it immediately. It works out to be a better choice as compared to keeping cash.

I use M1Finance for ETF investing and ETRADE for stock trading.

This is not an investment advice.

Do you own due diligence.

What is your favorite ETF?

Is it worth investing via M1 Finance?

Watch M1Finance Overview here

I liked M1 Finance for following reasons.

1. Allows To Invest in Portfolio / Strategy

M1Finance provides a very simple automated investing in entire portfolio. I like this feature mainly since it takes a lot to keep a portfolio balanced.

The portfolio investment strategy creation step can…


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